Sunday, 16 September 2012

Still plugging away on my Farmer's Wife, I put it on the bed to see how it looked once I had finished the quilting and Cody decided to road test it also, I think it met with his approval as he was quite reluctant to leave the bed after the photo opportunity :)

I managed to work out some quilting for the corners, when I did the borders I didn't even think about the corners, lesson learned as next time I will plan a bit better.  I think it took me just over a month to do all the quilting,  mainly ditch stitching as I felt there was already plenty to look at on the quilt.  As you can see I have started the binding, I joined all the binding strips nicely, but needed three attempts to join up the final ends, first I had too much binding, the next time I twisted the binding, third time was the charm, the striped fabric made it more difficult as I wanted to match the stripes.

The other project I have been working on is the Grandmother's Choice BOW , we are up to the third block now and I'm keeping up although I have yet to piece the block below.  I thought I would hand piece the majority of the blocks, it doesn't take long and I find it quite relaxing, once I have chosen all the fabrics and the layout that is :)

Amethyst is the name of the block below, it is last weeks block, hand pieced as well and didn't take too long to make at all.


  1. Cody has excellent taste... this is a superb effort and a beautiful outcome Pip. Congratulations. Such happiness on a bed!

  2. I am not sure what to admire first - that Cody cat or the beautiful quilt he is sitting on! Both are exquisite.

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS My hubby is starting to worry about me - I have requested that in my old age, I want black faced suffolk sheep to roam on our block, a pug dog, a scottish fold cat and maybe a miniature daschund thrown in for good measure!

  3. You HAVE been busy, Pip! Your FW is stunning... and Cody does have good taste!

    Love your fabric choices for the GC blocks... so interesting to see how different blocks looks with the variety of chosen fabrics...

  4. wonderful work Pip, great solution to the quilt corner. Don't forget to ask Cody not to shed on the quilt... it needs to be free of hair for the show. I really like your BB quilt blocks, your colour scheme is fabulous and i know you have selected some gorgeous fabrics so future blocks are eagerly anticipated.

  5. lol at your binding challenge - that sounds so like me, I have finished off binding often with several mistakes in it
    Beautiful cat on a beautiful bed.

  6. I think Cody thinks you made the quilt for him :-D It looks gorgeous on your bed.

    I just love your BOW quilt blocks. Beautiful fabric !

  7. Oh Pip...Lovely doesn't quite describe it. Amazing is close... WOW! Love it.

  8. Cody looks great his new quilt - I can't decide which is the more beautiful, lol.

    Gosh, hasn't the quilting made your FW look even more amazing - it now has a "zing", and your binding fabric is just perfect.

    I find hand work is a wonderful way to slow down and relax. For my knitting I now always use circular needles as I used to get all 7 kilos of Zebby Cat hanging onto the other end of a straight needle, bless the furry lad!

  9. What a beautiful Quilt Pip. Would love to see it in real life. Look forward to catching up next week.!


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