Sunday, 30 September 2012

One I prepared earlier

the posting that is

More fabric arrived before I left for NZ, this lovely bundle is Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman, I've been waiting on this to arrive as I'm using the greens and greys in my Grandmother's Choice blocks.  The rest of the fabrics will be put to use in another project that I won't be starting for a while.

I noticed this Dutch Iris blooming in the front yard a day or so ago, I always forget it is there until it flowers each spring, it has been a good investment and seems to be thriving on my neglect.  In another month or so the garden will be dried out and most plants will be looking rather brown, Spring and Autumn seem to be the best seasons in my garden.


  1. what a lovely large stack of fabric!!

  2. Such pretty fabrics Pip and I just LOVE that beautiful Iris in your yard! Happy Spring to you!

  3. I see a theme . . .The purples and the greens and tiny touch of golden yellow of your Dutch iris match your Grandmothers Choice blocks!
    Nice stack to fondle and pat before cutting. Cant wait to see your creations with these.

  4. I had some of those irises too Pip. Some were white with a touch of yellow and the others blue, (like yours) I decided to dig them up and put them in separate bowls until time to replant them.
    The great idea I had was to discard the white and only plant the blue and guess what??? I gave the wrong ones to my "friend" who now has lovely blue irises in her garden.
    That will teach me to be more careful in the future.


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