Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mail surprise

About a month ago I was reading The Warp and the Weft and saw there was a giveaway happening, I commented and promptly forgot about it, as you do.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up my reader a few days later and saw that every single person who commented (110 people) had won the giveaway.

The package arrived yesterday, the Mister teased me by waving it around in front of me, and asking me what it was (I had no idea), eventually he handed it over and I opened it up to find ribbons, pearl buttons and embellishments,

a little package of tags with string ties and some embellishments for scrap booking.  I'm sure there will be something I can make that will use some of these.

I'm still quilting away on my FW, I have almost hit the half way point.


  1. lucky you, always good to get parcels. So long as you don't get drawn in to scrapbooking... it wouldn't leave enough time for quilting

  2. Now THATS a giveaway! Well done Pip. Nice goodies for embellishment.

  3. Lucky you !! I'm always leaving comments or reviews but (as yet) I've never been lucky enough. Like when I buy a lotto ticket, all I'm doing is making the odds better for the other players. :)


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