Monday, 24 September 2012

Idling along

The Farmer's Wife binding is moving along slowly, with about one and a quarter sides to go,  I'm trying to get it finished before the end of the week as I'm off to New Zealand for a brief trip and I will have a clear conscience if my Farmer's Wife quilt is finished by then :)

This is a cockatoo that visits us fairly frequently, (no wonder as the Mister always gives him some seeds when he arrives),  he has just spotted Cody looking at him through the door and is trying to scare him away by making himself larger (spreading his wings and crest out) and also screeching very loudly.

 #4 Kansas Sunflower

This weeks block for Grandmother's Choice  was a challenging one for most of us, I hand pieced the majority of it, appliqued the centre circle on, then reverse appliqued the outside onto the sunflower.

# 3 Union Square

I finished last weeks block on Saturday afternoon, about six hours before the new block came out, I find it interesting and inspiring seeing the different interpretations of the block each week on the group's Flickr site, I try to resist looking at what everyone else has done before I start my own block, but sometimes it is hard.


  1. nice blocks..........goodluck with your binding............have a lovely time in NZ.......

  2. Both of these blocks are beautiful Pip! I really LOVE the fabrics you've chosen for this project!

  3. Your Sunflower I've seen posted, and it's lovely. Have a great trip!

  4. I've been working on mine all day and still nothing to show. Your Sunflower is wonderful - what a great choice for the outside frame. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Lovely blocks Pip, I especially like the sunflower.

    Great shot of the sulphur crested Cockatoo, I can never get the birds to stay still when I try to take a photo of them.

    Have a great time in NZ. (I'm sure you will)

  6. OOh it all looks more difficult each week! Not for you however....superb as usual Pip...lovely sunflower.
    Poor Cody....what a tease. Enjoy your trip.


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