Thursday, 2 August 2012


The day before, I was stitching away in my workroom when I heard banging noises from the back yard, I thought it was probably a couple of cats having an altercation and hitting the fence as they fought. 

 About five minutes later I was still  hearing banging noises so I looked out the window, couldn't see anything so thought it must have been in the neighbour's yard.  The noises got louder, I looked out again and saw a KANGAROO in our yard - WHAT TO DO (plus various assorted expletives) -  it was hopping around madly, looking for a way out, 

if you look at the centre bush on the right side, 
you can just see the kangaroos back and tail,
you should be able to click on the photo to make it larger

so I closed all the curtains, then opened the side gate (checking to make sure the kangaroo wasn't in sight) so the kangaroo had somewhere else to go, and only then thought about taking a photo, (through the window), so used the camera on my phone, hence the not very good photo.

Shortly after the kangaroo jumped over the fence, I heard more crashes and thumps for a little while longer and then silence, so thankfully it must have got to open ground.  While I enjoy having wildlife in the back yard, I'm hoping there are no more visits of this type.


  1. While I have never had a kangaroo in my back yard, don't think that would be possible unless he escaped from the zoo, we did have a bear cub that climbed up in a tree in our backyard. We were living in the mountains of Northern California then.

  2. Wow, kangaroos do hop down your street! I have never had one in my yard. Have seen one hopping down North East Rd outside Tea Tree Plaza though.

  3. Oh my goodness! A kangaroo in your backyard! Glad you got a photo to prove this happened... and glad she/he got away safely!

  4. did it jump a fence to get in? goodness is this common in the cities?

  5. Wow, fancy a kangaroo in town. You aren't rural are you? I remember my first visit to Sydney in the 70's and I was so disappointed I didn't see any Kangaroos running around.Duh!:-)

  6. you could have had Kangaroo stew for dinner... only joking. Poor thing must have been terrified, hope it didn't hop into a yard with dogs.

  7. Shoulda sent your Lion out, to sort the situation!

  8. Wow, excitement plus Pip! Glad it got out - you don't want to be in a small space with a stressed out Roo :) xx

  9. I thought kangaroos were as common in all cities in Australia as polarbears are common here in Norway... Just kidding, this must have been an exciting event!


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