Monday, 27 August 2012

Progressing ...

slowly on the quilting of my Farmer's Wife quilt, although there has been some procrastination along the way which is a good thing as it helps prevent RSI, that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

I've finished the grid and the borders, so now I am ditch-stitching the blocks, it is a fairly slow process and as it is hard to see progress from the front of the quilt, I've shown a photo of the back.  The backing fabric*   I chose is a earth brown colour with acorns, birds and foliage which I thought was quite apt for the Farmer's Wife quilt.

This is why I like quilting in winter, I was nice and warm with the quilt draped over my shoulder and it does help distribute the weight better.

* Glace by 3 Sisters for Moda


  1. This is a big job but will be so pretty when finished.

  2. you're making great progress, looking really good. I do envy that extra space under the harp

  3. My gosh . . . its enormous!
    Havent been able to get a clear size idea until now. Tedious work but a beautiful ending. Just lovely.
    And good to get it done before Summer!

  4. Just the work to do on chilly late winter days. Your sewing is so beautifully even and the backing fabric is fabulous. Good to see Cody isn't trying to help!

  5. wow a lot of work - I'm always wonder how you that do machine quilting on your home machine get all that through the machine.
    I like that you do quilt your own quilt.

  6. Good job done getting those sashings stitched down. Now for the fun?? part. Love the way you're hiding under there.Sitting nice a straight I see!!

  7. That is such a BIG quilt to work thru your sewing machine. You are doing an AMAZING job getting this quilted!

  8. The quilt is beautiful and I do love the "realism" of the last picture, with the quilt over your shoulder. You are amazing and I love checking in with you. Gorgeous quilt Pip!!!

  9. Ok, I'm catching up on what I've missed by not connecting with you sooner. I'm reading your posts backwards, so I'm wondering what is RSI that you referred to here. I enjoy the bits with photos of where you live, and the wild life. It is so different from here in the USA. Thank you for your hard work of posting and photo-ing your progress for us to be inspired by.

    1. Hi QuiltGranma,

      I'm not sure if you will read this, I can't reply to you as you are a No Reply Commenter. RSI is an acronym for Repetitive Syndrome Injury, I think that nowadays it is more commonly referred to as Occupational Overuse Syndrome. Thanks for your kind comments, I haven't been as active in my posting lately as I am slowly working on only two projects.


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