Sunday, 1 July 2012

Twenty to go

Had a bit of a late start today but still managed to make three blocks, leaving me with twenty blocks left to make.  After the Temperance Tree block was finished, I settled for making two blocks that didn't require too much brain strain.  I think my first task tomorrow will be to lay out the completed rows and blocks so I can get an idea of how the quilt is looking.

#95 - Temperance Tree

#54 - Kitchen Woodbox

#71 - Puss in the Corner


  1. You have been really busy with all that piecing. I'd never heard of using a hammer to flatten seams!!

  2. Love the feel of the Puss in the Corner block, it looks so French!

  3. Wow... lookit all those tiny triangles in Temperance Tree! The block is gorgeous, as are the others!

    Only 20 left to go? You'll be done in no time...

  4. Love those blocks and bravo! For surviving all those tiny triangles in the temperance tree!

  5. Your blocks are lovely, and also your fabric choices. Keep up the good work.:-)

  6. Lovely blocks once again Pip, you're really on the home stretch now. I plan to make Temperance Tree today - wish me luck!


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