Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Thank you Miriam

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway on Miriam's blog Yellow Roses - I was the lucky winner of this panel, thank you very much Miriam, it is a lovely panel.  The panel itself is part of a collection of reproduction prints from a quilt made around 1810 which features in the collection of  the Virginia Quilt Museum

One of two butterflies on the panel,  there are some lovely
touches of blue throughout the panel.

I would love to see the original quilt some day, it is quite interesting how some of the flowers have a semi-solid background behind them, maybe they were intended to be cut out and used for Broderie Perse, as this was quite a fashionable technique in the early 1800's.

You can see the complete range of fabrics over at Quilting Treasures, they are quite different patterns and colours compared with Civil War era reproduction fabrics.  I also found a free pattern here for the original quilt (scroll down to Chintz Medallion) and I think I will use the panel to make this quilt, although I'm not sure about fabrics or colours yet, do I put a modern twist in or keep with the traditional?  Of course I really should not be thinking about making other quilts when I still have unfinished works to complete but I think that is what keeps us motivated sometimes.


  1. Congrats on winning that fabric panel. I look forward to seeing how you create your quilt. Whatever style of fabrics you choose... I know it will come out like all your other projects - BEAUTIFUL!


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