Thursday, 5 July 2012

Final countdown

I started making the Railroad block yesterday afternoon but completely messed it up as I hadn't mirrored the block and the lines in the fabric were all over the place,   I started over today and had a much better result.  My fabric selection for Prairie Queen could have been a bit better, I think the blue overwhelms the red a little bit, although once the blocks are sashed it probably won't be noticed.  Getting closer to completion now as I have 13 blocks left to make, fingers crossed they may all be finished by Sunday night :)

 #72 - Railroad

# 70 - Prairie Queen

#60 - Noon and Light


  1. Beautiful work Pip. If you keep your nose to the grindstone we could be basting a top next week.

  2. Lovely work..the red and blue look great together in Noon and Light

  3. Only 13 blocks left to go? Wow... that IS exciting!

    Great blocks... I ran into that "lines going in all directions" thing during the CW BOW... amazing how something like that impacts how a finished block looks...

  4. Your blocks all look lovely. I know what you mean about striped type fabric. Without care they can make a block very confusing. You doing a wonderful job and your quilt is going to be just great.


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