Thursday, 26 July 2012

A surprise

Along with the fabric panel that Miriam set me was this cute little thimble and pincushion and a packet of applique needles (not pictured), both were an unexpected surprise.  The thimble itself is purely ornamental, I have been using the little pincushion in my portable sewing kit and it has already garnered comments on how cute and useful it is.

The blue bit of fluff on the right is a little crocheted brooch I made a few days ago, I crocheted a circle of cotton yarn and then crocheted the fluffy yarn and rainbow coloured yarn into it, the centre is a felted ball of Cody's fur with french knots embroidered into it, I'm thinking it needs a few more knots before I put the backing and  brooch pin on.


  1. Not thinking of shaving Cody to make a jumper I hope. What a versatile kitty! Love the pincushion.

  2. Love the pincushion. Lucky you - they are lovely gifts.

  3. How cute Pip! Love the thimble! xxx


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