Monday, 4 June 2012

Taking stock

or should that be stock taking, not sure really as I don't keep track of all the fabrics I have purchased.  Anyways, these last fews days have seen me slowly cleaning out the cupboard, the drawers in my desk and sewing trolley, and tidying up my workroom.

The cupboard was a real mess, I had just been cramming stuff in to get it out of the way and it was getting a bit crowded in there.  My scrap bin is now overflowing as I found more scraps hiding away.

It's amazing how much less room batting and fabric takes up when neatly folded.  My main aim was to clear off my cutting table and desk and I have achieved that, although I don't know how long it will stay like that.

All projects are now in plastic boxes (for the larger ones) and zip lock bags for the smaller ones, everything is labelled.  The only part left is to tidy up the fabric stash and empty the rubbish bin but that can wait till tomorrow.


  1. Just about to go through all my sewing stuff as I have a new sewing area and I don't want to take things there without sorting them have done well.........

  2. That is a job well done...maybe I need to do the same...

  3. Excellent job! All nice and organized.... and you know where everything is!

    Something I need to do... *sigh*

  4. Congratulations on the organization. Always feels so good to have everything tidy and neat. Now the fun part, making it messy again!

  5. so nice, now you know where everything is!

  6. a tidy up like that usually means i am avoiding something else... Job well done, now get down and make something! Hope its not so tidy you don't want to mess it up again. :-)

  7. I have a few cupboards like that which are waiting for me to do something about them! One of the spare rooms has become a dumping ground and is waiting for me to get motivated to clean it up as we will need it for visitors in a few weeks time!


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