Monday, 18 June 2012

The crop was good

It was a good piecing day today as I finished four blocks, two of the blocks are extras as my quilt will be sllightly wider than the original FW quilt which is 83" x 103".  In keeping with the Farmer's Wife theme my extra blocks are - The Milkmaid's Star and a variation of Hole in the Barn Door, both of which I found in the Block Base software.

#11 Broken Dishes

#85 Square Dance

The Milkmaid's Star (Block Base #1257)
I think this block would actually be better hand pieced, thereby losing all the extra seams.

Hole in the Barn Door (Block Base #2119)


  1. Beautiful blocks... just lovely! I particularly like the fabric combo in your Broken Dishes...

  2. WOW ! Just love these blocks ! You are really making good progress :-D

  3. Love the fabrics you have chosen Pip. That Broken Dishes block looks lovely. Isn't it a nice block?


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