Saturday, 30 June 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Today saw me finishing two FW blocks and start another one ready for finishing tomorrow, I couldn't face all the little triangles in #95 Temperance Tree, they're easier to do at the beginning of the day.

  # 108 - Windmill

#63 - Ozark Maple Leaf

My other Sue Spargo project is starting to take shape now, it's amazing what a few pieces of fabric and felt can do to completely change the look of the background blocks.  Stitching everything down on these two blocks should help keep me awake for a while tonight while I follow the Tour de France on TV, or at least I hope they will.


  1. love the blocks. Sometimes I wish I had made all of the blocks and other times I'm so glad I just made a small quilt so I could finish it and move on to others :) Your quilt will look great.

  2. There are definitely some blocks that require one to be wide awake to tackle... looking forward to seeing your "little triangles" block! These two blocks are fab!

    Looks like your Sue Spargo project is going to be cool!


  3. Love the Sue Sargo blocks. Not going to venture there, although I was tempted a year or so ago!


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