Thursday, 28 June 2012

A bit of field work

After reading Tazzie's post about FWQS block #78  the other day, I decided to get it out of the way, while I didn't need a hammer to flatten the seams, I did give it a really good press with a hot iron (and it still looks as if it needs more ironing).  In fact I have actually used a hammer a few times on really thick seams, it works quite well especially on a jeans hem.


#78 - Shooting Star

I put in a bit of time on the background blocks of another Sue Spargo project - Crimson Tweed, all of these blocks are ready for the applique, which now means I have to trace all the shapes onto freezer paper and then select fabric, trim  etc.  The fabric on the borders is too dark for my liking as is the large strip in the middle, I'll probably use some more of the light grey wool that I got a while ago.


  1. end of the growing season is in sight. you did a great job on "shooting star".

  2. Bellissimo lavoro. Complimenti

  3. Looks wonderful Pip, and I'm very glad you didn't have to wield the hammer!

  4. A good pressing with steam might get your gorgeous block to go submit to flatness... :)

    Congratulations on finishing a challenging block!

  5. Beautiful block Pip!
    That one looks challenging!

  6. Dont despair. . quilting it will bring it into submission! Does The Mister have a workshop? Put it in a vice!
    Love those mediterranean colours.

  7. Looks great to me Pip. I love that can of Starch spray, though. Does wonders for those seams that won't lay flat.:-)


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