Saturday, 19 May 2012

Still going

I've put some of the organised scraps away, I put the 5" charm squares in these plastic containers which I recycled (they originally held mixed salad leaves)  I like them because they're see through which makes it easier to spot where something is.

Still more scraps, this little lot is nearly all of my scraps, (I think there are some more lurking in a box somewhere) I've decided to keep going with the sorting etc until it's all done, as I think if I just do one day a week then I will find an excuse not to do it, and then it will never get done.

I bought this stationery tray  at Officeworks today, I'm not sure if it will work or not, only time will tell, there are no labels yet as I'm not sure if this will be the permanent home for these scraps.

My reward for today's effort, I made this block up for the AHQ quilt, it didn't take long at all because I had the pieces already cut out ready to go.


  1. My gosh . . you are up early Pip! Nice work . . your last blog got to my conscience . .so I spent yesterday tidying up my playroom too!
    I love the blue and red and the grey block . . very graphic . . . but that box of browns would NEVER live in my house!

  2. you are off and running - it is a little addictive getting the scraps organized isn't it.

  3. You are on a roll, I looked at those stationary boxes, a couple of days ago, almost succumbed as some had deep drawers and some half width. I didn't have time at the time to check measurements.
    Watch you don't get RSI (wrist and shoulder) from doing too much, and don't forget to change your blade

  4. You have some great ideas for storage of your smaller pieces..

  5. Really, when you have finished with your scrap sorting could you PLEASE come and do mine - the quantity is rather scary! Love that Aussie Hero Block! Great colours!

  6. I wondered what you would be using from Officeworks. I have some similar trays in the garage so now my mind is ticking over! Great ideas Pip!


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