Friday, 25 May 2012

Sharing the love

The postie was kind to me this week, with a little parcel from Salley (a bloggy friend) arriving today.  Like me, Salley is going along to a Sue Spargo workshop except hers will be in Sydney, so she sent me some felts, rayon threads and some trims to add to my stash.

I've just finished reading The Diary of Mattie Spenser by Sandra Dallas, this book came via another bloggy friend Sheila, and she won it in a giveaway from Donna K (aka Quilting Bear Gal)  you can read about it here.

Sheila thought it would be great if I could pass this book along to another quilting/sewing bloggy friend as well and keep the book moving along.

If you would like to read this book please leave a comment, perhaps tell me your favourite book or author, or the book you are currently reading,  I'm always up for a new author or book to add to my list.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the book Pip, I found it to be a great read, and learned a lot about the trials of life after the American Civil War. How precious were the scraps of fabric Mattie took from home and used to make the quilt for her baby. I wonder how many times this can be passed on, should put a page in the front to say who has read it.

  2. A bit far to ship the book but thanks for the give away! I'll put the book on my "to read this summer" list!

  3. I have already read the book at least twice. I enjoy all of Sandra Dallas' books and highly recommend them. The Diary of Mattie Spencer is especially fun for me because I'm from Colorado, home to Mattie Spencer - and also to Sandra Dallas. (No need to enter me in the contest.)

  4. WEll . . no blog . . so I cant "share the love" . . . . but I do love Historical Novels and am reading 'Sister Queens' by Julia Fox (1500's English nobility)
    Glad the goodies arrived safely. I'd ordered the pink felts over the internet and the colours weren't accurate . Hence the appearance of a really hectic pink! You could line a cushion with it!

  5. I love to read too. I tend to read every book I can find by an author if I enjoy a book. Right now I am reading Kerry Greenwood's "Cooking the Books", from her Corrina Chapman series. ( She's the author of the Phryne Fisher series. I listened to an audio book from that series on a drive to Adelaide last year and decided to try more. Audio books are the only thing that make that 9 hour journey palatable! I have listened to lots of books I never would have read on that trip. "Noah Barleywater Runs Away" by John Boyne (who wrote "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas") was one. I loved it!) I also keep up with some of Alexander McCall Smith's series. 44 Scotland Street is my favourite series, but I'm also partial to the Portugese Irregular Verbs series too. I have read some of his other series, but those are my best. I also love to read and reread (fortunately I can never quite remember who did it) Agatha Christie.

    I would love to read the book and pass it on. I love the idea of a travelling book!

  6. Anonymous27/5/12 22:25

    I would love to read this. Reading is my second passion. My fav Author is Jodi Picoult. More recent I have read a couple of non fiction. One called In my Skin, by an Australian girl and her struggle with drug addiction and Forbidden Love by a Iranian girl now living in Australia. Its about her life in a Muslim country, she is Catholic and her best friend was Muslim. It makes you appreciate the life we have in our lucky country.
    Cant remember the names of the Authors, have sent the books to my daughter to read. Currently Im reading My forbidden Face by Latifa. About life in Afghanistan through the Taliban takeover. Im glad we live in Australia in an era where women ARE something.


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