Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More reading

This book was a bit of an indulgence for me, I've only had time for a quick look through so I can't make any judgements yet.  Sorry about the photo being a bit dull looking, the daylight isn't as bright now that we are coming into winter.  I enjoy reading Kathy's blog Material Obsession and love seeing the glimpses into her life and her patchwork shop Material Obsession, which is on the "must visit when I go to Sydney" list, so when this book came out I quickly ordered it.

One surprise for me was that the book is written in both French and English, I guess that this is because it is published by Quiltmania, a quilt magazine which is based in France, and it makes sense, why print two versions of a book when one will do.


  1. does the book have patterns in it also - I love those blocks on the front cover.

  2. I have seen this book on a couple of blogs ...but have resisted the temptation thus far LOL


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