Thursday, 17 May 2012

Making some order

I'm still coming down after finishing Seven Sisters so began by putting my workroom back to rights, and I'm halfway there but I've been sidetracked into organising fabric scraps.  I had read Karen's post on organising scraps a while ago and had commented that I should start doing the same with my scraps, but I hadn't done anything about it until now.  I started putting away the fabrics I used for Seven Sisters and thought instead of cramming the scraps into the scrap box I should just bite the bullet and organise them, so I did.

on the left are some very old scraps, on the right are the Seven Sisters scraps

I was making good progress, pressing all the fabric first, then moving along to cutting or trimming to size, (mainly strips, and some squares) when the Mister came into the workroom brandishing an envelope which I eagerly opened.  I had won a giveaway from See how we sew  a couple of weeks ago and this (below) was what came.  I was very lucky indeed and will be putting it to good use some time soon, probably starting with one of the bookmarks in this post as I think it will be a nice, quick project.

In the meantime I will continue on with my scrap organisation and finish taking care of the current crop of scraps, I have at least another two containers of scraps hiding but I think they can wait for another day.


  1. good luck on your organizing! I am trying to do some every day - lucky you on the give away!

  2. Because of the applique i do occasionally i am reluctant to trim scraps. I might just need that weird elongated shape, for a leaf. I will be interested to see how your sorting works for you.
    I shall also be interested to see what you think of the products you won, i have looked at them several times and wondered at the benefits.

    A small project is probably a good idea after your recent "finish"

  3. Careful . . . put 2 "stranger" scraps that have never met before, together, and I swear they procreate when you arent looking. Boxes get bigger rather than smaller!
    Cant believe you have the energy for anything after that Beautiful marathon sisters project.
    Lucky lady with the prize goodies!


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