Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day out

My quilting friend Sheila and I had another get together today, sometimes we visit quilts shops, and other times we go to each others house and have a catch-up and a bit of show and tell.  This time I went to Sheila's house, for a change we went out for a coffee at Swedish Tarts a little cafe on Semaphore Road. 

What can I say, yum yum, we decided to order a slice of cake each and then share it so as to have the best of both worlds.  We had a Date, Walnut and Chocolate cake which was served just slightly warm, was absolutely delicious, not too chocolaty, with the right amount of dates, the other cake we had was Inga Torte which was an almond meringue sandwiched with whipped cream and peaches, rather reminiscent of pavlova and very light to eat.

After our morning coffee we popped round to a new quilt shop called The Mallee Tree which is located in Glanville, at 173 Hart Street, Jenny is the owner and she has her sewing machine set up in the window of the shop where she can fit in some stitching time in between helping customers.

 We may or may not have visited this quilt shop (pictured below) today.

Very restrained today, I just bought a bit of Kaffe fabric to share with Sheila, some light grey wool and some basting spray (not in the photo), and a lovely surprise for me from Sheila - a lovely pinwheel notebook and pen.  As Sheila wrote in her email " the day is never long enough, always inspiring and invigorating"


  1. Good friends, yummy food, wonderful fabrics... for what else could one ask?

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day out with a good friend. I love your new fabrics.

  3. sounds like a wonderful day and it is always great to share a desert!

  4. thank you for a lovely day. I have been thinking of all the stuff i wished i had bought,Some batik for instance. That wool was such a good buy.

  5. How cute is that pen and notebook, not seen anything like that in Oz before. enjoy.


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