Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I decided to consolidate ALL the scraps in ONE container, that way I can see the progress as I organise them.  It has been sort of like an archaeological dig, working my way through the scraps and coming across some of my Dear Jane fabrics, and various scraps from other quilts I have made.

A bit of time was spent on making more blocks for this quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts, there are three more of the plain cross block to be made and two of the nine patch variation to be finished and then I can join them up.  I'm thinking a double border, red and then grey, I need to work the measurements out once the blocks are together, I must say my brain has been getting quite a good workout with all the calculations (probably a good thing too).


  1. Aussie Heros is gorgeous . . .Very graphic!
    Nice selection of fabrics . .are there sea slugs, turtles and bubbles? . . or do I need glasses?

  2. what a wonderful inspiration you are. Wouldn't it be great if you could make a big dent in that scrap pile? Trouble is most people say scrap sorting leads to more quilts and more scraps :-). Good job you like to keep busy.

    I really like that nine patch variation, did you see it "On Point", it looks like lovely Argyle socks,

  3. that big plastic tub looks about the same size as my wicker basket - I can see a little more space in my basket but I have a long, long way to go.

  4. Loving your quilt Pip! I really like those blocks combined with the plain version! Great idea!

  5. What a cool quilt, Pip... I do like the pattern very much!

    Keep up the good work with your scrap mission.... you'll get there eventually!

  6. That is gorgeous, Pip. Such a clever way to assemble the blocks, with the 4 patch between the BOM ones. It is going to be a beautiful quilt and will be much appreciated by the recipient.

  7. I'm very inspired by your organising spree - I should really get my act together and do the same. The blocks are just darling - love the pattern forming.
    Be sure to have a great week

  8. You re putting me to shame with your organisation!!! I do love the quilt design though.........one day I may do something similar with all my scraps!!


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