Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cold weather

means soup in our household.  I have been wanting to make pea and ham soup or a variation for some time, and now the weather is finally right for eating soup.  After looking through my recipe books I decided to use the recipe in A Good Year by Lois Daish (unfortunately out of print now)  and as I also had some celeriac lurking in the fridge I would make the variation of Pea Soup with Celeriac and Leeks which is similar to Dutch Pea Soup (Erwentsoep).  On the off chance that I would make the Dutch version I also bought a rookworst sausage (although the sausage I bought was spelt rookwurst - perhaps because it was from a German butcher)

Lois Daish suggests cooking the pork hock and peas separately as sometimes the peas take a long time to cook* and if cooked together the meat will end up overcooked, so I did this, although my peas didn't take very long to cook at all.

 Today all I needed to do was chop leeks and celeriac and add that to the hock stock  and cooked pea mixture, alas my celeriac was spongy (a bad thing apparently) so there wasn't much to use and I had to substitute celery instead.  After the soup had been cooking for a while I lifted the lid, and it looked rather uninspiring (think olive green with white chunks) so I madly Googled away and found this recipe which had carrot in it, one quickly peeled and chopped carrot later the soup was looking much better, all that remained was to slice some rookwurst and some of the reserved hock meat, warm it through (I used the microwave) add it to the soup as I served it, a sprinkle of parsley, some bread - yum.

*I read somewhere that dried beans, pulses etc that are imported into New Zealand are irradiated to kill off any nasties and that results in an increased cooking time,


  1. Looks delish! I'll have to find something equally interesting for your visit.

  2. I love pea soup, but with the temperatures here I prefer salads!

  3. A job for next Saturday - Pea and Ham Soup - so many blogs have been featuring it, my mouth is watering!

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. I went with potato and bacon soup this is tasty but the colour is uninspiring.....I agree perfect soup weather!

  5. Sounds an interesting soup, I've never tried making that type before. I enjoyed catching up on reading your recent posts.


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