Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The back

Believe it or not the quilt on the right in this picture (below) is thirty years old and is still not finished!!!  I think I have blogged about it some time ago, I have finally found some fabric that I think will work as a border on it so it just may get finished this year.

The back of my Seven Sisters quilt, my backing fabric was very wide (lucky for me) but not quite long enough so I was able to cut some off the side and add it to the bottom to increase the length.  I had quite a few triangles left over from the borders so decided to use them as a joining strip between the separate pieces of fabric.


  1. I love how you pieced the back of your quilt! Very clever and it makes your back look very interesting.

  2. lol well that is an old ufo :) good luck finishing it this year!

  3. I love pieced backs esp when they incorporate leftover blocks from the front! Great job!!!

    I wonder if a 30-yr-old UFO is a record setter???



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