Friday, 18 May 2012

Almost finished

I was back to the scrap organisation grindstone today and this is the result of my work, I need to work out how I'm going to store them so I can keep them nice and neat, a trip to Officeworks might be in order.  Looking at this lot of scraps I can see a few improvisational string blocks or quilts happening in the future.

While I was cutting the scraps I also cut some of them ready to make into blocks that I am planning to make soon,  with a bit of chain-piecing it shouldn't take too long to get them finished.

this is one I prepared earlier from a tutorial which I found here via Aussie Hero Quilts, I'm planning on making some more with these colours to send off to Jan-Maree for her BOM programme.


  1. Oh I love to see organised scraps! Once you get them ready to put away would you please show us how you do it? I have mine in snap lock bags in colours. Not sure if that will work when I need to use them or not?

  2. it takes awhile but it will be worth it in the end!

  3. You are getting organised..that block looks great..will go and have a look at the tutorial..

  4. How inspiring! I need to tackle my scrap bins and do some cutting & organizing....

    Different sizes of zip-loc plastic bags might help keep different size scraps together...

  5. You've been plenty busy getting organized! It looks like all this clean up has sparked a few project ideas too! Looking forward to seeing how things turn out! (I know whatever you make will be wonderful)

  6. still wish you would come and attack my scraps - loving the look of those blocks


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