Saturday, 7 April 2012

These are not your usual

Easter Eggs, instead they are Slow Cooked Eggs (article and recipe here), not that you actually need a recipe as it is more of a method of cooking the eggs, but it is worthwhile to read through the article.  I  always read the food liftout section of the Wednesday paper, and this week the Matt Preston column was on eggs, and mentioned a couple of ways of cooking them.  I'd seen Slow Cooked Eggs on the TV show My Kitchen Rules and thought it an interesting way to cook them for a crowd.

Basically you fill a large pot with water and heat it till the water reaches 64 degrees C (147 F) then you lower the room temperature eggs into it and cook at 64C for about an hour.  The plate (or you could use a rack) is to keep the eggs from getting too hot, which they would if they were touching the bottom of the pot.

The whole process was fairly simple but required a bit of supervision.  I thought I would be able to just chuck the eggs in and wander off for an hour, but you need to keep an eye on the water temperature as it does tend to rise over the optimum 64C after about ten minutes, I solved that by pouring a bit of cold water in and the temperature dropped straightaway, but I did have to check the temperature every ten minutes or so and add cold water as necessary.  The whole process took about an hour, I was a bit slack and timed it for 40 minutes and then turned the timer off, while I got the toast and asparagus ready.

Once the time was up, I lifted the eggs out and opened up one end, it was a bit messy with bits of shell but once I got that out of the way the eggs slid out of the shell as promised in the recipe.  They reminded me of poached eggs but much, much nicer, the Mister loved them.  We had them with sourdough toast and lightly steamed asparagus, yummo.

I will definitely be using this method again, it's quite important to have eggs that are about 55g (a bit less than  2oz) as the rule of thumb for cooking eggs by this method is 1 minute per 1g therefore a 55g takes about 55 minutes, Matt Preston recommends to add another 10-15 minutes as he prefers his eggs less runny.

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  1. Interesting process Pip but a bit too time consuming for me. Not keen on wasting crafting time in my kitchen.


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