Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A relaxing day

I worked on these two blocks from the Sue Spargo Red Clover wall hanging which I am making.  I found it relaxing to choose the different coloured wools and felts for these blocks.  I've basted the star down and the rest of the pieces are just placed there, ready for basting later on.

I've used linen instead of wool as the background fabric on the bluebird block and I've also used a cotton bias for the branches instead of wool.  The bias is stitched down and I just have to whip stitch the birds, leaves and berries.  The birds still have another wing to be appliqued on after the bodies have been stitched in place.

Quite pleased with how this little project is coming along, as always the hardest part is selecting the colours and cutting out the little pieces.  Once the blocks are finished, I can put them together, then add the borders, do the applique on the borders and then start embellishing the blocks.


  1. Just gorgeous Pip, I love the bright colours you've chosen - clearly the effort you're putting into the selections are paying off!

  2. Pip...such a leap from your other current creations and it is looking so sweet. That chartreuse star and olive highlights is so dynamic next to the blue. Lovely playing with colour choices.

  3. So lovely... such pretty colors of wool too!

  4. These are so pretty, Pip, especially the birds! It always seems to take me FOREVER to pick out my fabrics, etc. Decisions, decisions!
    I love your header, too, on your blog :-)

  5. Your newest project looks really beautiful! I've never worked with wool applique. I look forward to following your progress on this!

  6. I Love where you are taking this, It will be fun to see how you embelish these shapes. You are almost tempting me to play with some wool.... not until i clear the decks though

  7. Beautiful, I love these - especially the birds.


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