Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No stitching here today ...

Yesterday I made a list of things I planned to do in my sewing room today, I haven't managed to cross a single thing off that list :(

instead I cleaned out my drawer of shame (aka the drawer under the oven where all the baking tins reside) which then lead me into cleaning part of the pantry and that took up most of the morning.

After lunch I made Helen's Anzac Biscuits (I blogged about them here) this time round I changed a couple of things, I increased the flour to 150g (instead of 125g) and I lowered the oven temperature to 170C (instead of 180C), the resulting biscuits are very nice, last time I had problems with them browning too quickly, so I think the reduced oven temperature as done the trick.

The NZ Quilter magazine came in the post so I was able to sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit and spend a bit of time reading it, bliss ...


  1. Your aroma filled Blog.......... full of visual delights........ I need a lie down.

  2. Anzac biscuits? Cool quilty magazine? Cuppa tea? Comfy chair? Sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon....


  3. I have to get my converter out to figure out the recipe! It looks good. I didn't know there was difference in measurements between Australia and New Zealand.
    I have gotten the New Zealand magazine once, I was surprised to find it here.


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