Sunday, 15 April 2012

I am whacked

Yesterday was such a long day, both Kathy and I really enjoyed ourselves but next time we would make it a two day trip to make it a bit more relaxing and give us more time to see everything.  Our flight took off on time and I did manage to do a bit of piecing before we got to Melbourne, once we arrived we quickly found our way to the SkyBus shuttle service, we had already purchased our tickets online so just hopped aboard and we were off.

view from the bus

20 minutes later and we arrived at the Southern Cross Station in the city, after checking the procedure for paying for a tram ticket (there are machines on board, they take coins not notes) we crossed the road and waited a couple of minutes for the tram (Numbers 86 or 96) to arrive.  No worries about paying for a ticket - the machine was out of service.  There were a few people on the tram also headed for the AQC so we chatted for the short journey, the tram stop was opposite Carlton Gardens where the Royal Exhibition Building is so it was just a short walk over to the entrance.

We had a half hour to wait until the show opened so we made use of the cloakroom facility at the show and checked our bags in, we had already pre-purchased our show tickets online so didn't have to spend time queuing instead we relaxed, had a coffee and admired the architecture of the building, and met up with another couple of quilters from Adelaide, it's a small world isn't it.

We did a bit of shopping first and then took a look at the quilt display. There were some stunning quilts there and we spent quite a bit of time looking at them, I did take photos but they aren't all that good, there were a lot of people viewing quilts and the light streaming in the windows didn't help.  If you take a look at Pam Holland's blog and scroll down over the past few days you will see some great photos (and links to a photo gallery) which capture the atmosphere and the quilts at the AQC, far better than I have done.

 The quilter, Merelyn Pearce** was doing white glove duty with her series of six quilts celebrating the work of Australian artist Margaret Preston, she was kind enough to allow a photo of me and her in front of her quilt Preston Dreaming, (you can read more about this quilt and others in the series here ) she was so charming and talked about her quilts and how she had made them, it must have been a busy few days for her.

** Just to clarify I asked Merelyn if I could put this photo on my blog and she said quite happy for me to do so..


  1. Wow that was certainly a packed day ..stay next time more shopping to be done then !!

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  3. Thanks for the blog AQC trip! The bags dont seem to be very full however...

  4. Looks like a fun day, great to be able to speak with the quilters, Thanks for the links to the other blog sites, Are we to get a show and tell of the purchases? As Salley said the bag does not look too full... yet.

  5. Hope you were comfortable temperature-wise! So did you fly back the same day?

  6. Glad you had a great time... and made it home safely!

    What a fantastic place to have a quilt show... beautiful building!

  7. Fab blog Pip, love it! Great memories, but still whacked :)

    Macca thought it was great too!!


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