Monday, 2 April 2012

A good yield ....

After Saturday's marathon effort, I spent a couple of hours tidying up my sewing room yesterday, then I made a couple of  FW blocks, they turned out quite well although perhaps there should have been a bit more contrast in #79 Silver Lane, but I'm happy with it.

#79 - Silver Lane 

#105 - Wild Goose Chase 

Today's effort was two more blocks, #87 Star Gardener has turned out really well but  #49 Honeycomb was not an easy block, I originally planned to hand piece it, but changed my mind and decided to foundation paper piece instead.  I only had a 10" piece of the green fabric so it took a bit of careful cutting to make the most of it, half way through making the block I was wishing that I had hand pieced it ....

#87 - Star Gardener

#49 - Honeycomb


  1. You have been busy-that is a lot of sewing in your blocks..I have also been admiring your seven sisters quilt..looks lovely..

  2. Love that Wild Goose Chase...... and all the bees butterflies and bugs showing up!
    Havent got sewing fatigue yet? You are on a roll!

    My Machine would have stretched those "Sisters" edges too.... unequal feeding of top and bottom layers.

  3. Love your honey bees!!!

  4. Those are a LOT of little pieces of fabric to sew together... great job! Love your FW blocks...

  5. Love your FW blocks and the colors you've chosen for them. I look forward to seeing how they look in the quilt.

  6. I just love all of your FW blocks! Your choice of fabrics are just perfect

  7. nice block. and how funny that you found so suitable fabrics for them

  8. Oh my gosh, Pip! I think I'm completely in love!! Your blocks are absolutely fantastic. I'm in the midst of total FWQAL envy, truly.


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