Monday, 26 March 2012

I feel ....

mentally drained today,  I've just finished this FW block (#36 Flower Garden Path) and I think I have overdosed on the Farmer's Wife.  On Saturday I went to the SA Quilters' Guild Farmer's Wife Sit and Sew day and had a great time, sewing and chatting, I didn't chat too much as I made three blocks.  I forgot to take my camera but someone else did and you can see some photos and read more over at Tazzie's blog.

This little parcel arrived in the mail today, I opened the envelope expecting the usual plastic bag with fabrics and this cute little parcel fell out.  It was like getting a present and made me smile.

Inside was this bundle of felted wool pieces, I was going to try and make do with fabric I had but it was looking a bit bland so I succumbed and ordered a bundle on Friday.  You can't see all the colours in the photo but there is a nice range of useful colours and some different textures as well.


  1. Lucky you, to get some blue!
    A nice antidote to the FW overdose.

  2. That is a very striking block...lots of piecing...

  3. What a fun day you must have had... I'm not sure I want to know what size your fabric pieces were... *lol*

    Don't you just love it when you get an order in the mail and it's all wrapped up so nicely?

  4. Gorgeous block Pip. It was great to see you again on Saturday. I'll see you tomorrow at the shop!

  5. Very pretty block, and your felted wool bundle looks absolutely gorgeous.

  6. What a great block Pip. Love your felted wool - what are you going to make with it?


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