Thursday, 29 March 2012

Feeding the stash

Time flies when you're having fun.  On Tuesday, Sheila (my quilting friend) and I went for a drive in the Adelaide Hills, we planned to drop in to a couple of quilt shops along the way. We had a short refuel stop (for us) at Woodside before turning off the main road and heading to the first quilt shop of the day -  The Patchwork Apple, we must have spent about an hour there, browsing through the fabrics and talking to Jane (the owner).  Although a small shop there is quite a nice range of fabrics, both modern and civil war reproduction, and I did indulge myself by buying a few bits and pieces.

Back in the car once more we headed back down to Adelaide via the Norton Summit road. Being the passenger I was able to appreciate the view more than Sheila who had to keep her eyes on the road.  I saw two koalas while we were travelling back down to the plains and also spotted a kangaroo earlier in the day, and then while we were at The Patchwork Apple we saw some Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos high up in the trees.

Once back on the plains we headed over to Quiltaholics which is yet another Adelaide quilt shop, this blogger happened to be there also, we are very lucky in Adelaide as we have over 10 quilt shops that we can choose from and most of them are within a 30 minute drive.  After our visit there we stopped off in Norwood for coffee and banana bread (with honey and whipped cream) - very delicious, and then had a quick stop at Tricia's to check out some fabric there.

I spent yesterday and today doing a little more on my Seven Sisters quilt, I'm even confident enough to say that the quilt top flimsy will be finished by Sunday night, which means I will have to think about how it will be quilted.  It isn't a very large quilt (about 60" x 60") so it will be a nice change not to have a lot of fabric weight to manhandle (or should that be womanhandle) around the sewing machine.


  1. Oh, so jealous! I just love the Patchwork Apple! And Jane. Had some additions to my stash today, but they were from a little online shopping. Have to wait to receive them!

  2. Hmm... Nice little stash! That very folk arty paisley in the back is pretty.
    Am liking your strong finish to the sisters. Busy weekend ahead!

  3. An entire day of quilt shop hopping? What FUN! I don't blame you for a indulging yourself a bit... new fabric is such good therapy!



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