Monday, 5 March 2012


I started working on my hexagon quilt over the weekend, I had stitched together most of the inner star but once I had cut the large hexagons of the Kaffe fabric it didn't look right, so it was back to the design board.

I swapped out the Kaffe hexagons for the white daisy hexagons - starting to look a little better now, there is more space but it's still not right...

then I changed the star point hexagons so the darker blue fabric segment was the only dark fabric in that hexagon, happy with that, I stitched them on to the centre hexagon ...

 just need to work out this top corner* now, the pinks and purples aren't doing it for me at all,

are we there yet??

yes, I think we are, now I just have to work out the other three corners* and then I can start filling in the gaps.

* Corner isn't really correct, this is my working plan (below) and the blue arrow is pointing to the area I've just finished working on.  Only the centre portion is stitched together and I will only stitch a couple more hexagons on as it is easier to work around the centre piece.

I was hand stitching all the hexagons, but after having to unsew a few of them, I've decided to machine stitch a few of the larger ones.


  1. What an amazing project... there is SO much detail that goes into this quilt! I love how all those triangles play into the wonderful star & hexagon shapes! I look forward to following your progress on this stunning quilt!

  2. Oh my goodness... what a project this is... I'm in complete and total awe!

  3. Methodical magical maestro as per normal Pip and a great result.
    (I didnt like the green and orange hexie poking through as it all looks like snowflakes except for those randoms and then you got rid of the renegade... yey!)
    Design wall obviously coming in handy.

  4. Ooooh that is sooo pretty!!!I love the color scheme and the design!

  5. I agree with Salley, you are so methodical and organised. You think and plan so thoroughly and it always works out just right. Go with your instincts, they serve you well.

  6. Your last layout is just was interesting seeing your process of getting there. Love all the colors, they meld together really well.

  7. Beautiful, it's going to be fabulous. It looks like it's determined to be blue/white/cream colours around that centre. Interesting to see what difference a few changes make.

  8. Love seeing the stages of construction, Pip. They're all great but of course your final choice is amazing. Blues, imagine that. =D


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