Saturday, 31 March 2012

All sewed out

I spent a fair bit of yesterday and today finishing Seven Sisters.  One side is slightly longer than the other by almost an inch,  which may explain why one of the borders is a little wavy, I've decided to live with it, no unpicking for me.  I'm torn between wanting to finish this quilt off and spending a bit more time on my Farmer's Wife, I don't have any backing fabric or a large enough piece of batting, but I could piece together fabric pieces for a backing, and do the same with the batting, I think I'll sleep on it.

Mine, all mine, remove me at your peril ....

I had to get a quick photo, just before dusk so the light isn't the best and of course a gentle breeze started up just as I went to take the photo.


  1. So lovely... congratulations on such a stellar finish!

    ps - no one will ever know that one side is longer than the other...


  2. Seven Sisters, what a sweet name for a quilt. I like the color of that top it is so beautiful, congratulations on your finish. Are you doing the quilting yourself?

  3. Well done, it looks lovely. What do you do with your quilts, hang them up or use them as blankets?

  4. Lucky you Pip , sounds like you had a great time!! Wish I could go shopping with you, never mind maybe on my next holiday. Beautiful quilting well done x :)

  5. Yes... perfect finish. Too bad its wibbly wobbly....Cody The Sphinx doesnt seemt to mind!

  6. Congratulations on the finish.

    Love the colours you used.

  7. fantastic work, I would go with wavy because of the wind... the wind makes waves....
    I think life would be pretty straight if everything was square wouldn't it!?

  8. This quilt top looks splendid, and it still plays tricks on my eyes.

    Just like darling Cody my Zebby uses the clawed paw of ownership, but usually on me!


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