Sunday, 26 February 2012

Too hot ...

The last couple of days have been too hot to do very much at all.   Yesterday was 40C (104F), the day before wasn't much cooler and today is supposed to  be 37C (98.6F) with a cool change expected later this afternoon.

I did manage to make two Farmer's Wife blocks, which means I'm over halfway on the fourth diagonal row.

 Block 91 -Strawberry Basket - pieced

 Block 51 - Hovering Birds - foundation paper pieced

Three more to make and the row will be complete, my aim is to finish the row by next Sunday, which should be quite achievable.  


  1. I admire your ability to get stuck into and complete huge quilt projects. Love seeing your progress. Summer has arrived finally, it might be short lived.

  2. Great way to beat the heat, as long as you have cooling!! It's coming along well.

  3. 40C - ouch! Wellington has had a crappy summer with a lot of wind and rain. Our Monday is reaching for the giddy heat-high of 18C. With the cool nights we've had autumn arrive a month too early.

    I hope your heat eases for the sake of yourself and the Mister, and especially super-furred & super-gorgeous Cody,

    Michelle xxx (Zebby is very busy topping up his tummy)

  4. Beautiful blocks Pip!
    Congratulations you are making wonderful progress on this quilt!
    Hope that cooler weather arrives to you soon!

  5. Lovely Blocks Pip. You are well on the way now!
    Wish we had some of your summer!


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