Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My new pan ...

I've been wanting a preserving pan for ages now (well, years actually) I've never had one before.  I used to borrow Mum's pan when I lived in NZ but have made do with other pans and when I found this one online a couple of weeks ago I was over the moon.  It has a nice, heavy base and is nice and wide so that I can boil jams, chutneys etc and get them to the right setting point quickly.  It has a 9 litre (15 pint) capacity so there won't be any more boil-overs and sticky messes to clean off the hot plate. 


  1. That sure is a nice looking preserving pan Pip.....mmmmm chutney.....

  2. Hi Pip

    Hello - how are you?!

    Where did you buy that pan? It looks fabulous and I just don't have anything big enough for jam making. We've just come back from a weekend on the Yorke Peninsular where I managed to score some home made jam at a market - the kids have nearly eaten it all and it made me realise that I should make my own again.


  3. Very spiffy! Don't ya just love new stuff like that?

    Mum gifted me her newer preserving pot years ago (a tall and skinny one). She had a really old aluminium one which was sort of wider and lower than yours but it used to take ages to come to the boil because of the wide surface area.

    Looking forward to lots of preserves coming out of the R.I.N.I kitchen...

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. I have pot envy Pip! I would love one of these with its side and top Handle and pouring lip. And those Sth Aussie Plums are calling to me with childhood memories :)

  5. Great looking pot...enjoy all the yummy preserves you will be able to make with ease!


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