Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Meh ....

This was the view from my sewing room window today, a bleak, blustery day, the cloud is so low I can't see the sea and can barely see the reservoir.

The arrival of these fabrics put some colour into the day, the blue flowery one is destined for the Hexagon quilt and the stripes have no particular destination at the moment.

Two more Farmer's Wife blocks completed means I can start putting the fourth row together, I have now completed over 25% of the blocks, which makes me hopeful that I can have all the blocks completed by the end of June.

 Block 82 - Spider Legs
I don't know where the names come from for some of these blocks,
this one doesn't even remind me of spider legs.

Block 106 - Wild Rose and Square


  1. I am loving this weather today! The garden was getting a bit parched...doesn't matter how much you water there is nothing like rain (if that makes sense) to brighten everything up. Would be nice to be tucked up in my sewing room creating today.

  2. Woops... misread your earlier comment and thought you said ...."completed by the end of JANE"..He hehe.

    I am beginning to fall in Love with the FW....but your blocks set a high benchmark of perfection....Pip.

    Its a "whiteout" with rain over here today...and the silly cat wants to sit outside on the BBQ... bet Cody has more sense.

  3. very nice FW blocks! I especially love the second one. I gave up long ago. Would love to see that same view of the sea and reservoir on a sunny day someday, Pip!

  4. Love your FW blocks Pip. Looking great. We are having and are still to get the weather you are experiencing. Just YUK!

  5. Love these - I've not made one in ages, shame on me.


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