Sunday, 19 February 2012

Farming work

After a bit of a break, I've started back working on the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt, I haven't made any more blocks as yet, but I added the third row to the top left hand corner and have started putting together the bottom right hand corner.  Once I've attached the third row to the bottom corner then I will start to make some more blocks.  I plan to make the next rows (top and bottom) and then add them on, I'm fairly pleased with the colour mix so far, I'm managing to rein in my love of blue fabric.

While I was procrastinating over what to do last week, I decided to have a small re-arrangement and tidy up of my sewing room, surprisingly it didn't take too long and I found some bits of fabric that I had forgotten about.

Cody has given the new layout his seal of approval, he spent most of the day here, sleeping. (must get those 18 hours of beauty sleep in)


  1. Hmmmm! nearer the window.... Very cheery next to the light...Cody must have been very tired from all the shifting and re arranging, poor pussy!
    Design wall looking VERY effective...The Farmer's Wife in her Sunday Best in THIS snap.

  2. Your FW blocks are looking great. I've sworn off joining in until I finish the 9 UFOs from last year... including the CW quilt. I'll just have to drool over all the beautiful blocks I'm seeing posted online.

    Your sewing room looks so serene... a nice retreat to be sure!

  3. Pip, you're making fantastic progress on your quilts!! The koala photos are wonderful. The kids got quite a kick out of them, thanks for sharing.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Your blocks look terrific in the setting you have chosen. Great contrast with the subtle amount of blue

  5. Wow that is looking great...the colour of the setting triangles really sets the blocks off...loved the photos of the koala in the previous post...

  6. Your FW is coming along nicely, Do they need regular application of fertiliser to help them keep growing :-)?

    The rearrange will make better use of natural light and give you more room to machine quilt perhaps. You inspired me to a little tidy up in my cave.


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