Sunday, 29 January 2012

Working away ...

After the Australia Day holiday on Thursday, my brain seemed to think the following day (Friday) was Saturday, still any day is a good day to have a bit of a de-clutter, in this case the Mister's office space,  by the end of the day everything was looking quite tidy and I had cleared out a few things and once again I am able to find simple things like the stapler.

Nearing the end of the de-cluttering process

The weekend was saved for working on my Flower Garden quilt, it is starting to take shape now and I am encouraged to make more blocks, although once I have made more than three rows, I am going to have to get creative with finding a big enough area for a photo.


  1. Dont know how you jump from perfect piecing to organic Applique so faultlessly Pip.
    Nothin' wrong with your brain!

  2. It will be stunning when you finish it. How many rows are you planning?


  3. what will the Mister say? There is no way i would tackle my man's office without him there. Your Flower Garden is looking magnificent

  4. I really loved this before, but I love it so much more now there's lots together! It is just beautiful Pip!

  5. The rows look lovely as they are coming together. The rainbow stripes are beautiful against all the flowers.

  6. Congratulations on tackling a decluttering task... always a challenge!

    Love your flowers blocks... so beautiful!

  7. Looks lovely, I too dont have space for a big design wall, so I pin it to my curtains.


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