Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wooly Bully**

Today was a good blanket drying day, warm and but not too windy, however this is not the blanket I washed (that was a plain, cream blanket) this is a wagga type quilt I made early last year and still haven't finished - my PhD  :)  when I joined the pieces together I used a machine herringbone type stitch and butted the fabric together as I didn't want bulky seams in the quilt top.  It was a reasonably successful method but there are parts where my mind must have wandered, resulting in a few joins that aren't as tight as they might be.  I didn't really want to unpick it all so put it aside until I thought of a solution and now I think I have one: I will put strips of fabric behind each seam and then go over the seams with an ornamental machine stitch using Aurifil  Lana Wool thread.

I've been reading Sue Spargo's blog for some time now, and yesterday when I was catching up with my blog reading I followed a link on her blog to Summer Kitchen Quilts where there was a lovely profile on Sue and how she has inspired Angela.  I checked back this morning and Angela is having a giveaway of three Sue Spargo kits, so click over there and comment.

old and new wool fabric

 And still on the subject of Sue Spargo, last year while I was visiting The Sewing Sanctuary in Aldinga Beach, Karen mentioned that they would be having a Sue Spargo workshop in 2012 so I put my name down on the registration of interest list.  A lot of Sue's work features wool fabric so I have been trying to collect some, I was lucky enough to acquire some wool fabric while I was in New Zealand, the stash is slowly growing plus I have left over cream fabric from the wagga quilt which I can experiment on with some fabric dye which could give me a wider range of colours.

** read about Wooly Bully here - do you remember the song??


  1. Ohh yes I remember Wooly Bully - it was a great tune for dancing :-)
    I have been thinking also about wool fabric quilt, really like to try that. Looking forward seeing yours.

  2. What a cool wagga! I love anything blue and white...

    I, too, remember Wooly Bully... what fun!

  3. Gahhhh! I don't remember Wooly Bully!

    Love the wagga though


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