Monday, 23 January 2012

Two done, three to go

of the Just Takes 2 second instalment of blocks, I'm hoping to work on the remaining three tomorrow, I have one block already cut out ready for foundation piecing which will give me a good start.

#7 - Jacob's Ladder

#9 - ????

I'm trying to be a little more organised, or at least give myself the illusion that I am, by making up a spreadsheet, so I can check off the various stages of each quilt.  I read an interesting post here at Quilting Bear Gal blog so I may modify my spread sheet a bit, although I don't know if I want to keep  track of the hours I've worked on each quilt, but I do like the idea of spending three hours on a project then moving on to the next one, I tend to get very focussed on one project.


  1. Ok. I am getting somewhat organised here, but you are just showing off Pip!

    The blocks look great and the spreadsheet is impressive. (Even without tracking hours!)

  2. Gggrrrrrr. You are so clever Pip.
    I would just spend hours colouring in, instead of sewing....very good at procrastinating!

  3. your blocks are wonderful, but the spreadsheet reminds me of my research projects when i worked. I did write a list of to do's last year and never looked at it again. I'd like to be that organised but ........

  4. Lovely blocks Pip, I like your fabrics. I've not started part two yet. I like the spreadsheet plan you've made.


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