Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Still breathing ....

it seems like an age since I last posted and 2012 is well and truly here.  The Mister and I flew over the ditch to New Zealand and spent a week there visiting my family, we had a lovely, relaxing time while we were there.

It took me a week or so after we returned  to feel like doing any sewing or in fact anything at all, just as well really, as we came back to some really hot weather so it was nice to spend time reading and relaxing.

I've just finished the top on my Civil War  quilt, I had to make four more blocks before I could finish off the final row, two were from the BOW on the Civil War quilt blog and the other two were ones that had a military theme,

Block 52 - Christmas Star

Block 53 - Parachute aka Union Shield

Block 54 - Does Double Duty

Block 55 - The Army Star

Once the blocks were complete I had to sash them and then attach the final row, I had a lot of problems trying to get seams to match, there was a lot of cursing and unpicking going on, and I had to walk away from my sewing machine a couple of times, but I got there in the end.

Next step was cutting the border fabric,  I was only getting one chance at this so I had to make sure it was right the first time, yesterday I stitched the borders onto the quilt top but wisely decided to leave the mitering of the corners till today. Suffice to say they weren't as easy as I thought they would be, but the quilt top is finished and now awaits quilting.

of course today is windy and my assistant wasn't doing a very good job, 
I caught him standing on the bottom edge of the quilt to hold it down!!!!

this is a slightly better picture, although the colours aren't as good,
but you get the general idea of how it looks.


  1. Ta Daaa! Well done Pip. It looks awesome...just enough blues and pops of red without making it "Patriotic".
    Just beautiful and careful piecing...and I like the differing corner stones. What a finish!

  2. It looks really nice, Pip. When you'd put up some of the blocks I would be a bit undecided if I liked the colours or not, but all together it really works. The border fabric really finishes it off. Quilt envy!


  3. Wow Pip, you have been busy since our get together. The quilt has come together beautifully, very wise to have left miter-ing the borders until you were fresh, they look great. I really like the Army Star block

  4. I love seeing finishes and your quilt has come together really well. The colors are nicely balanced. Glad you had a nice time away in new Zealand.

  5. It looks fantastic Pip. I like your extra blocks and the borders with the mitering look wonderful.

  6. Wow Pip, those corners look amazing. Very nicely matched and so worth the effort involved. I am sure The Mister (as always) is very impressed.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Pip. I must tell the ladies on the pickledish patch craft forum to visit and have a look. Some of the ladies are making it including a member from NZ ( Gisborne) :)

  8. Looks great Pip. Beautifully pieced. Thank you for sharing your work.

  9. WOW! It's great! Well done you. (I was in Adelaide yesterday and I think the mister did pretty well to hold that quilt at all, it was so windy! The two photos let us see all the best bits of it.)

  10. Pip - Thanks for stopping by Summer Kitchen Quilts! I adore the fabric you've chosen for the border of the Civil War quilt - it's perfect. And the Kim McLean quilt is awesome - love, love, love your fabric choices. I'm trying to figure out which back 40 I've been out on not to know about Kim McLean?? Really like her designs. Interesting to learn about the red roofs down your way - I've decided that I do like mine! Good thing - eh?

  11. WOW !!! Pip this is fab, I love it great work, every piece looks wonderful together with the next. well done to you!!!:))

  12. So very glad to hear you are still breathing and among the living! Your quilt is amazing. Every block you put together seems to be more gorgeous than the prior one. The Christmas Star and Army Star totally grabbed my attention! Beautiful fabric and excellent job! Very well done...and so glad you are "back" :)

  13. Congratulations - a finished top - and it is a beauty. Every single block stands out, so gorgeously. Are you quilting by hand or machine?


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