Monday, 30 January 2012

Last night

was a late one, while I waited for the Mister to arrive home from his motorbike trip, luckily for me the tennis was on so I was able to do a bit of quilting while listening (and occasionally watching) the Australian Open men's final.

my little "12 Days of Christmas" quilt is nearly finished, I'm using an ecru perle cotton for the quilting thread, I'm not sure how or if  I will quilt the outside borders, and I've yet to decide on the fabric for the binding.

As it is nearly the end of the month I thought it would be good to make a DJ block, so I spent the afternoon making this one, the fabric colour is a deep purple but it looks quite blue to me, or maybe it is my monitor.


oh, and the Mister arrived home safely just after midnight and the tennis was still going, unfortunately Rafa didn't win :( 


  1. I am loving your 12 days of Christmas quilt. It looks great and the hand quilting is fabulous!

  2. Applique for the DJ?...It Looks very very smooth.
    Can you divulge what thread you are using.... Aurifil???The colour is very Papal!

  3. Your hand quilting looks lovely and the purple in the DJ block is gorgeous.

  4. as usual your DJ block is stunning! Love your little quilt!! I couldn't manage all the tennis on Sunday night but was also disappointed Rafa didn't win

  5. Great work.Wish my hand quilting was as straight.
    Gosh you did well with that DJ block, not an easy one as i remember.

  6. Lovely to see hand quilting. Youre Dear Jane block is so well done. I haven't done that one yet!
    You are lucky to have a wall to put your design board on. Too cramped in my sewing room.Hardly enough room for me. VBG!

  7. Love this block Pip. Everyone seems to be into the de cluttering ,I am slowly plugging away at it. Saving sewing room till last!

  8. your little 12 days quilt looks so wonderful hand quilted! M13 is such a stunning block!


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