Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I didn't get much done today, a date with the dental hygienist in the morning, followed by a side trip to Hettie's Patch, seemed to take up most of the day and it didn't seem worthwhile starting on a block,

so I made myself a "design wall" -  two pieces of leftover batting zigzagged together then clipped to a piece of wood, a piece of ribbon stapled to either end and hung from these wire hooks which I stuck up on Sunday.  

I don't usually need access to the cupboard behind but if I do, I have another piece of wood with a notch in one end so that I can lift it down and put it back up easily.

Spotted this koala in the  neighbour's tree this afternoon,  it was quite active and kept moving it's head looking at the human taking photos of it.
I can't believe that this is comfortable


  1. I wish i had known you were at Hetties, i meant to go today and get some of the redwork revival.
    The design wall should be useful. The Termacula quilt and DJ block look quite at home. It will be a good place to try out your hexies.

  2. Great picture of the Koala ~ it's adorable! I love what you did for a design wall, maybe I'll give that a try...it seems to work very well.

  3. Nice picture of the Koala Pip. He must be hot.

  4. That's a great idea for a design wall...cute photo of the koala


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