Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Forward planning

I have been toying with the idea of making a Nearly Insane quilt for some time, and managed to track down a book and have started a fabric stash with the intention of starting later this year.

I have also been intrigued by a couple of the quilts which are in The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero, this book is about Australia's quilt heritage and is well worth reading, I have to confess that I have made extensive use of my local library's copy.  There are reproduction quilt patterns for some of the quilts (made by Kim McLean) in the book and as luck would have it this quilt was one of them.

Sarah Evans Applique quilt (my photo of a page from The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero)

I haven't seen many versions of this quilt, but Lurline has made one (just scroll down a bit) and also there is one here at Glorious Applique.  My first thought was to make it using Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but after thinking about it for a while, I changed my mind and will use reproduction fabrics from my stash, I have cut out some fabric for this quilt, but I don't intend to actually start it until I have finished Flower Garden   ........    and then there is this quilt below:

Frederica Josephson quilt (my photo of a page from The Fabric of Society by Annette Gero

there are several versions of this quilt around the internet, some in bright colours like this one at Broderie   or this one  being made by Kathy (which is the one that started me on my version) and some in more traditional colours like this one and this one, mine has evolved into blues and pinks, again mainly from my stash, and this is going to be a hand-pieced project which will make it nice and portable, in fact I managed to make quite a few while waiting for our flight at the airport before Christmas .........

and last but not least I am taking part in the Just Takes 2 mystery quilt project and I will be making these blocks in red/red prints and white/cream/off white, which will save me a bit of brain strain as I won't have to think too hard about choosing fabrics.


  1. Wow... what gorgeous quilts! So beautiful and very intriguing...

    Looking forward to watching your quilting adventures this year!

  2. Hi Pip!

    I love your fabric choices for Nearly Insane!
    I started mine using black, bright pink & yellows like the "original" quilt from the 1800's and after finishing nearly a dozen blocks decided I hated the colors. So now I've got to start over again.

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on your quilting projects this year!

  3. I also got hold of the book: Nearly Insane, not so long ago :) But I have not started it yet....But I think it´s going to be a nice journey! Good luck with yours :)


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