Monday, 12 December 2011

Still breathing ...

The silly season has started and Christmas preparations are starting to take over so I'm a little behind with my Civil War blocks (actually I'm behind with everything) but I knuckled down today and finished my two outstanding blocks and  a Flower Garden block, so I can polish my halo a little bit, lol

#49 - Yankee Puzzle

#50 - Grapes of Wrath


  1. Silly season is right. Think yourself lucky that you get out of cooking this year... but then you do have to pack a suitcase Ugh! Your CW blocks are fabulous, great work on the catch up.

  2. It's impossible to keep up with stuff that needs doing during December... even when you try to do so!

    Love your CW blocks... ya done good!

  3. Love your blocks. I'm not even trying to do them now. There's just not enough time until the gifts are all wrapped, the cookies are baked, candy made, etc, etc...

  4. Love your CW blocks,wonderful!

  5. So behind here too! Being sick and two trips to Adelaide in the last three weeks haven't helped the get ready for Christmas thing. Hopefully I will get on top of it all this week. (You've heard of Christmas miracles surely!)

    Love these blocks Pip. Really pretty!

  6. Pip
    I thought I must check out what you are doing, and saw your lovely CW blocks. They are gorgeous.
    I'll keep looking :-)

  7. BTW I'm going to make Susan's bickies. Do you think Golden Syrup would work? I don't usually buy molasses or treacle.


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