Thursday, 17 November 2011


This week has been quite a busy week so far, not too much stitching at all.  Tuesday, the Mister and I went to the Botanic Gardens and spent a bit of time there catching up with a friend over lunch.

As I was intending to take a few photos, I had a bit of a wander around the gardens while the Mister was chatting, but my camera battery ran out before I could take many photos :(

Lorikeet sipping nectar

Today, my friend Sheila and I went on one of our quilting trips and visited The Sewing Sanctuary down at Aldinga Beach.  The weather was beautiful and once we stepped inside the cool shop we were made very welcome.  There is a little cafe area where you can sit and have a freshly made coffee and indulge yourself with a sweet treat (or two), so we sat, had coffee and chatted for a while before having a leisurely browse around the shop itself, of course no trip is complete without a fabric purchase (or three) and I was quite happy with my selection, finding something for all the quilts I am currently working on


  1. What a wonderful photo, the botonical gardens are a fab place to take time out. I love walking around the gardens.I could spend hours there, and often do.

  2. Yes I love the botanical gardens too, although I must admit that I haven't discovered them in Melbourne yet. Love those fabrics! Very pretty!

  3. Someone a long time ago told me that God must have had a blast making birds, because some of the colors are so glorious! That picture is beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love your poppy project ~ I will definitely give that a try. I so enjoy seeing your beautiful work.

  4. It sounds as if you and I have the same type of problems Pip, if the battery hasn't run out then the memory card is full and I've left the instruction sheet at home so there I am, and my memory has failed too. (lol)


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