Thursday, 10 November 2011

This and that

I made good progress on this Flower Garden block today, although it took me a while to decide on which fabrics to use for the various parts of it.  I usually pick one fabric for the largest part of the flower and then look for other fabrics that I think will work with it.  For some reason this flower reminds me a bit of a pineapple.


  1. This was my favourite block to do and your rendition is so playful. We might have the same Flower Garden but the species are not related!

  2. That is lovely. The shape of the flower does look like a pineapple. The spots fabrics are so cute with the flower. There must be an awful lot of applique in this quilt and I thought you were more of a piecing person - if so you are brave.

  3. Beautiful work. Yes, it does remind me of a pineapple.


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