Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sour Apples anyone

actually this block is called Apple Tree, and there is quite an interesting story about the inspiration for this block over at the Civil War Quilts blog

Block 46 - Apple Tree

This block didn't take too long to make, I didn't notice that my tree trunk didn't match up until I read the discussion about this block on the Flickr group so first thing tomorrow I will be fixing it up.


  1. lovely Pip, like the fabrics you have used.

  2. The tree trunk block was "interesting"... it needed quite a bit of trimming/squaring up... I wonder why...

    Love your fabrics... esp that tiny print on soft green.

  3. On the trimming question, because cutting to size makes things more accurate so those doing the instructions for civil war blocks loooooove to do it that way. That's what I found anyway. Resizing was king when we did our civil war class!

    Love this block. So simple, but so effective.

  4. I like your block, can't see anything to be fixed. Looks perfect to me. I think susi at is making the same cwq as you.


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