Saturday, 26 November 2011

Some things my sister Jenny made

Knitting is one hand craft that I am not overly fond of, I suppose because I don't enjoy it, my sister Jenny on the other hand, just loves it, and recently she has made some lovely, textured knitted items using a variety of stitches.

This cushion cover was made as a useful way to store the knitted throw (pictured below), both the throw and the cushion were made from some badly moth eaten possum-merino mix yarn which she liberated from Mum's yarn stash.

The pattern for the throw itself was based on one from McCall's new book of Country Needlecrafts, Jenny used some of the patterns in the book and found other stitch patterns on the web and other books.  Each strip is 77 stitches wide, there are 16 rows of garter stitch separating each block and a cable is knitted up each side.

Jenny also likes sewing (but doesn't really like quilting) and so over the years she has been the recipient of various bits and pieces of fabric that are too good to throw out, like the re-purposed fabric she has made this tote bag from,  it's actually quite old, I can remember buying it back in 1979 or 1980, in that life the fabric was part of a sheet set.

the tote bag pattern can be found here


  1. Absolutely lovely ~ creative talent obviously runs in the family. Very, very nice.

  2. Love the throw. Hope Cody doesnt the get claws near it!
    My cat would be in heaven resting on this lovely blankey.

  3. Jenny is a very skilled knitter - the cushion and blanket are wonderful. What a lovely gift to receive, and to snuggle under.

    In my family Mum is the quilter. I love to knit and can sew. My sister has a fine arts degree in textiles, works in the art world in the UK, can sew and is a developing knitter. Dear Dad is the husband of a quilter so gets to do the complicated maths, helps out the EQ people and is the only one who knows how to successfully re-thread Mum's demon bells-and-whistles overlocker. Dad refuses to learn how to knit!

  4. I love the throw rug and it's cushion cover bag - what a great idea! It is worthy of becoming an heirloom!


  5. What a wonderful cushion cover and blanket your sister knitted. I love knitting.


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