Saturday, 12 November 2011


My latest batch of quilting related books to read, some are library books and some I purchased recently.  When I see a book I think I would like to read,  I look to see if my local library has a copy that I can loan, it has saved me a bit of money over the years.

I also have an ipad and have bought a few e-books although I still like the feel of a book in my hands when I'm reading. I don't buy many magazines now and have let most of my subscriptions expire as I was finding that I'm not getting the enjoyment out of reading magazines that I used to, plus I'm now saving some money as well.

One magazine that has a FREE digital issue is: Down Under Quilts, subscription to the digital issue is quite easy and every two months you receive an email advising you that the current digital issue is available for viewing, unfortunately instructions and patterns are only available in the printed version, but there is still plenty to look at to satisfy that magazine craving.


  1. There is something about holding a book and turning the pages... but they are expensive. I'll have to check out Down Under Quilts... never had an e-magazine subscription!

  2. Hi Pip Josh has just helped me set up a blog page

    This is the URL

  3. Theres not much on the blog page yet, and I'm not great at writing but its fun...

    I love books too, found about six books i want on that great web site you sent me on sunday.. I'll have to save for them though. Dropped a hint to c today maybe i'll get one or two for xmas :))

  4. I find books so inspiring! Magazines less so. I have let all my subscriptions go too. Occassionally I will pick a magazine up, but I;m usually disappointed so do it less often these days.


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