Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Make a felt poppy

You need some felt, embroidery thread, needle, scissors and a brooch pin (or you could use a small safety pin) .

  Cut four petal shapes  (make two slightly smaller) out of the felt, I just drew up a rough petal shape on a piece of paper and then traced around it, I tried to make the edges slightly uneven and wavy to resemble flower petals. I also cut two circles from the felt for the front and back of the flower.

Using two strands of embroidery thread, sew the two larger petals together,

then position the smaller petal shapes on top of the larger ones and take two or three stitches through them, just enough to hold them in position.

With this poppy I blanket stitched a smaller circle of black to one of the small felt circles, but if you could also satin stitch a round shape into the centre, then,

I made french knots around the outside, before blanket stitching the felt circle to the petals ..

then flip the poppy over, it looks a bit messy but don't worry as the other felt circle will cover it up,

blanket stitch the second felt circle on, making sure you don't go through to the front,

then stitch the brooch pin (or safety pin)  securely on to the back circle

turn it over and admire your felt poppy. 

I used satin stitch for the centre of the bottom poppy and I also used beads instead of french knots, and of course you could use other colours of felt or add a green leaf peeking out from behind.


  1. Thats a clever idea Pip. Thankyou for such clear instructions. Maybe for next year's 11/11.

  2. Lovely!! And a great tutorial, thanks for sharing it!!

  3. You are very clever Pip Love it!!

  4. Nice tutorial Pip! I love your poppies. I'm keen to make one. Don't think I can wait until next year!

  5. Beautiful ! And oh so clever. Love the French knots !!

  6. What a fantastic tutorial, Pip! Thanks so much for sharing this lovely piece.


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